Nailbox October

Nailbox October


Another month, another addition to my nail polish obsession.


This month’s box features three wintery shades of polish from Rommel, Essie and Nails Inc. I can definitely see some funky nail art with these three shades.

Left: Rimmel 60 Seconds in Caramel Cupcake, Middle: Essie multi dimensional top coat, Right: Nails Inc Gel Effect in Kensington High Street

Also in the box is Nicole by Opi Drying Drops – which is a new product to me. According to the blurb you add a drop or two after applying your colour and top coat to speed up the drying process.


Lastly, there’s a pair of nail scissors from Elegant Touch. I prefer filing my nails to cutting them, and I can’t use them anyway, being a leftie (I have special ones for emergencies from Anything Left-Handed) but for anyone else these might come in useful.


Overall a great little treat for nail polish nuts like me. A great way to get more polish for less than if I went and bought them separately (£15 for the box including P&P).



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